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Go Deeper with PressEX

PressEX = Pressure Exercise

PressEX System = Equipment, Method, Virutal Library
Patented Fitness tools:
PressEX Bars
Joint Aligning Secrets:
Pressure Point Method
Effortless from Anywhere:
Virtual Library

How Does it Work?

    1. Locate Press Point
2. Apply Pressure to Bar
    3. Perform motion
4. Add 2nd Bar to go Deeper

Gets deeper than a foam roller, fascia stretching and other trigger point methods by breaking up knots from the inside out.

Use pressure created by your muscles to release pressure created by your fascia.

Many clients describe this as a completely new and fresh body sensation.

"You have to Feel it to Believe it!"


PressEX Bars Are Different

Developed by a Doctor

Of Physio Therapy. The"pain investigator."

Targeted joint aligning

Self releasing mobility exercise that promotes breaking up deep stiffness by using press points.


Focuses on many body parts- at once- experience how one joint articulates with another


A fit for all body types and body parts.

Soft yet Hard

A fitness tool that offers functions like no other equipment available.

  • Hard stop yet soft touch exercise surface
  • Does not "give" like a ball or band

Unique Variety

Movement that allows stabilization and resistance at the same time

Exercise Progressions

Use 2 Bars together for more advanced fascia exercise

Members-Only Virtual Library

  • New videos uploaded every month on our members-only platform.
  • In just 5-10 minutes using our 4-level PressEX Method.
  • We walk you through releasing your biomechanical pathway.
  • Get our Secret Framework for injury freedom: PressEX 10 Principals of fascia exercise release
  • True secrets to unlocking your body that no one talks about - Dr. Meena PT has learned only through years of investigating joint and tendon science.

The value you get:

The PressEX System offers

PressEX System

Two patented pieces of fitness equipment



PressEX compatible resistance loops



Pressure Point Virtual Training for 2 months



Method developed meticulously over 10 years



Package worth $925

Special Intro Price $259


Real Clients

Minmae B

Back pain

“I've been having b...

“I've been having back pain for about 5 or 6 years now. Ive tried chiropractic, physical therapy, and ibprofen, nothing ever works. Within the first few exercises, I had immediate relief. Thank you Dr. Meena!”

Cecilia B.

Hip, Foot, Elbow

"It seems like, wit...

"It seems like, with PressEX Bars, you actually feel like it's working from the inside. It’s not just strengthening muscles, but actually healing them from the inside. And now, I can walk two blocks with no pain."

Marie D


“Celebrating the kn...

“Celebrating the knee, it's a very happy knee. Wow. Nothing like the right training. I had high hopes and was not disappointed."

Alexandar R

Shoulder Spasm

"The PressEX Bars a...

"The PressEX Bars are great. It's something I've been looking for. It has got my muscle spasm to loosen up, something that hadn't happened in months."

Mark C

Lower Back

"Using the PressEX ...

"Using the PressEX Bars was very helpful. It gave me stability. Dr. Meena showed me to do the exercises with the Bars which provided me more control in doing movements."

Judy R.

Glut, Knee

"PressEX gives my k...

"PressEX gives my knee the strength to be able to dance. And that's what's so amazing about Dr. Meena’s unique talent and expertise. She is truly the body whisperer. I'm ready to go dance."

Nancy M.

Back of Hip / SI joint

"I couldn’t put muc...

"I couldn’t put much weight on my left leg when I walked. I was in severe pain in my SI joint. Within five minutes, Dr. Meena literally took the pain away. I thank her because she is the greatest ever."

Sylvia G.

Back, Shoulders and Neck

"When I used the Pr...

"When I used the PressEX Bars I was getting results. I felt much stronger. I felt more flexible, and I didn’t expect that. So, this to me is a win-win situation."

Donna H


"I came in because ...

"I came in because my hip was so sore, I could hardly walk. I was limping and I knew I needed to get it back in shape. I'm like 99% better than I was. I feel like a new woman."

Jose G.


"It was a sharp pai...

"It was a sharp pain that I had whenever I was doing a quick activity and thought, it was going to take a lot longer to recover. But, the turnaround time of PressEX Bars was so quick that it amazed me!"

Cyndy S.

Muscle Strengthening

"I’ve exercised for...

"I’ve exercised for years and this is unlike anything I’ve ever tired. Dr. Meena is teaching your body to use and build the right muscles to do the movement. It's amazing how her seemingly small things have increased my strength."

Dr. H. Lai


"I feel a lot loose...

"I feel a lot looser and relaxed after using the PressEX method. Its helped me have more movement and flexibility. With Dr. Meena and her PressEX Bars you get results a lot quicker."

Tim H.


"Dr. Meena had spec...

"Dr. Meena had specifically identified where the pain was coming from. We used the PressEX Bars for 30 minutes. I walked away pain free."

Real Client Testimonials!

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