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The Award-Winning, Patented Fitness System Developed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy on a Mission to Improve Lives

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Do You Struggle With?

  • Gaining weight because of an old injury?
  • Strengthening your muscles but still feel your body misaligned?
  • Looking for a competitive edge in your favorite active hobby?
  • Breaking deeper into your technique and form for your sports passion?
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Body Areas PressEX Ignites

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Secrets to Biomechanics

Take your Passion to the Next Level

Referred Pain

It's the secret destruction of your Joints and Tendons

Referred pain is when the route cause of your problem is not coming from the area in which you feel it.

PressEX is a system to align and activate these referred pain


Experience the feeling of connection with our pressure point

PressEX system. Get to the route cause today!

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PressEX: How It Works

Experience Your Body's Best Kept Secret FASCIA
  • Your body's inner 3-demensional fabric
  • Wraps through every inch of your body
  • Governs movement quality and pain

Discover the benefits of fascia exercise using PressEX


Personalize your plan. Let us guide you to joint or sport specific goals.


Align your joints with our patented PressEX Bars


Activate stabilizing muscles with our fascia framework.


Thrive by living your best life!

Story of PressEx

Fascia, the body's connective tissue that governs pain and movement quality, has been gaining attention in the past 10 years. Even before becoming a physical therapist, Dr. Meena PT understood its importance when a special technique quickly relieved her knee pain.

This sparked her quest to comprehend biomechanical pain relief. But once a physical therapist, she began doubting if traditional therapy truly addressed all painful conditions.

Wanting to avoid medications and surgery led her to delve deeper into fascia, resulting in years of clinical testing and the creation of new techniques based on observed patterns using both new and established sciences. These methods helped her and then her clients, offering the potential for swift pain relief.

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