Our Philosophy

"Body Spring is more than a business. It's a personal crusade."

Your body doesn't come with an owner's manual.

"In my battle against fibromyalgia and lupus, I kept my struggle hidden, thinking it was a weakness.

As a physical therapist and patient, I spent over a decade searching for ways to manage without relying on meds.

Through our research, first inspired by my journey of athletic pursuits and healing from chronic pain, we discovered how to help the body spring into it's optimal performance state.

PressEX isn't just about the equipment. Don't be fooled by its simple exterior; the real power lies in the principles driving it.

I've battled and conquered, through Body Spring. Now, I want to help you overcome!"

-Dr. Meena PT

PressEX Serves YOU

Our mission is to empower and inspire people to live a life of action, positivity, and movement. We are dedicated to creating lasting change in the lives of others by providing innovative solutions, tools, and methods that:

  • Introduce a paradigm shift in the way we see and use our bodies.

  • Alleviate pain caused by chronic diseases, injuries, and old age.

  • Enhance body movement and performance.

  • Provide freedom from body limitations.

  • Act as a simple yet effective "under the desk" trainer.

  • Provide the missing link to any training regimen.

  • Increase explosive power of athletic movements .

  • Restore the body's natural physical state through its natural springy fascia state.

  • Enable pain-free everyday functions.

  • Educate and enable people to realise their bodies full potential.

  • Provide a warm up and /or cool down to any activity

  • Aid in weight loss due to preventing injury.

  • Enhance workout recovery and return to sport times.

Body Spring Values

Vibrant Health

Healthy body, Happy Life


Through intelligence and


Passion at the heart of the business


For human beings


Sport is the foundation for executional excellence


We are open, ethical and fair


Different ideas, strengths, interests and culture


Respect for scientific principals and exploration