Tim's Knee Story

Tim's Knee Story

Meet Tim

He is a dedicated builder whose days are a symphony of movement and climbing as he tends to his clients' needs. By night, he gracefully immerses himself in the world of international Latin ballroom dance. However, amid the rhythmic turns in dance, Tim found himself grappling with a persistent challenge – knee pain on the inside bottom corner of his knee, a silent discomfort that echoed with every dance practice.

Previous Attempts: Seeking the Perfect Harmony

In his quest for relief, Tim explored a variety of solutions. Massages, hands-on therapies, stem cell injections, and yoga all entered the repertoire, each offering a glimpse of success. Yet, complete relief remained just beyond his grasp.

Discovery: PressEX - A Turning Point

Enter Body Spring's PressEX, a method designed to address the intricate web of pain within the body. Developed by Dr. Meena PT, a visionary in the realm of pain investigation, PressEX became Tim's beacon of hope. 

Solution: A 30-Minute Dance to Relief

In just one 30-minute session with PressEX, the magic unfolded for Tim. The inside of his knee, once a source of persistent discomfort, experienced a profound transformation. The relief was not fleeting but lasted for several blissful months every time he performed PressEX, allowing Tim to dance through life with newfound ease.

Gratitude: Meena - The Intuitive Pain Healer

Tim's journey with PressEX not only alleviated his pain but also led him to express profound gratitude to Meena. In Tim's eyes, Meena became more than a developer of a revolutionary method – she emerged as an intuitive pain healer, understanding and addressing the root causes of discomfort.

In the rhythmic tapestry of Tim's life, PressEX became the missing note that turned a symphony of discomfort into a harmonious dance of relief.


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And before I sign off, let me share a bit more about who I am.

With over a decade of experience as an orthopedic physical therapist, I've dedicated my career to understanding and addressing a spectrum of health issues, specializing in sports injuries, autoimmune diseases, and challenges associated with aging.

My journey has taken me from dissecting cadavers for an in-depth understanding of anatomy to assisting in labs, guiding the next generation of physical therapy students.

Beyond the clinics, I've contributed to the field as a patent holder, bringing innovations to life, and had the privilege of being a guest lecturer at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.

My commitment to advancing the understanding of the human body is deeply rooted in both personal and professional experiences, making me not just a practitioner but an authority in the realm of physical therapy.

I'm genuinely eager to share the benefits of PressEX with you and help you on your path to improved well-being. Feel free to reach out with any questions or thoughts.

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