Peter's Shoulder and Upper Back Story

Peter's Shoulder and Upper Back Story

Shoulder Struggles Unraveled

Meet Peter, whose journey with muscle imbalances in his shoulder brought forth a symphony of discomfort – a feeling of instability, unsettling clicks, and sporadic shooting pain.

The unease extended beyond his left shoulder and mid-back, manifesting as unexplained mild weakness.

Peter's discomfort transcended individual joints, with achiness spreading its tendrils to his neck and hips. Despite years of seeking relief from chiropractors and exercise specialists, minimal respite came his way.

Previous Attempts: Navigating the Maze

Peter approached his shoulder concerns with a wealth of self-awareness, suspecting a connection to the serratus anterior muscle and a potential diagnosis of thoracic outlet syndrome.

However, even with this knowledge, his journey with traditional therapies yielded only modest results, leaving him in the throes of persistent discomfort.

Discovery: PressEX Stability Bar Kit - A Gateway to Relief

Enter the PressEX Stability Bar Kit, a tailored solution that aligned seamlessly with Peter's understanding of his body.

Embracing the PressEX philosophy, which places the serratus as a key gateway to unlocking the fascial system, Peter embarked on a new chapter in his quest for relief.

Solution: Unveiling the Power in 10 Minutes

In a mere 10 minutes of engaging with the Stability Bars and focusing on the serratus, Peter sensed a distinct difference.

This method stood apart from anything he had previously tried, offering an immediate three-point reduction in pain and stiffness. A promising start that hinted at the transformative potential of the Stability Bar Kit.

Progress: From Pain to Zero

As Peter continued his dedicated practice, integrating serratus work with the Stability Bars, a remarkable transformation unfolded. After just two weeks, Peter found himself experiencing days where pain levels plummeted to zero for extended periods.

The achiness that had woven its way through various joints began to dissipate, unveiling a newfound sense of comfort and freedom.

In Peter's journey, the PressEX Stability Bar Kit emerged as the guiding melody that unraveled the complexities of his shoulder discomfort, providing not just relief but a pathway to a pain-free existence.


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And before I sign off, let me share a bit more about who I am.

With over a decade of experience as an orthopedic physical therapist, I've dedicated my career to understanding and addressing a spectrum of health issues, specializing in sports injuries, autoimmune diseases, and challenges associated with aging.

My journey has taken me from dissecting cadavers for an in-depth understanding of anatomy to assisting in labs, guiding the next generation of physical therapy students.

Beyond the clinics, I've contributed to the field as a patent holder, bringing innovations to life, and had the privilege of being a guest lecturer at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.

My commitment to advancing the understanding of the human body is deeply rooted in both personal and professional experiences, making me not just a practitioner but an authority in the realm of physical therapy.

I'm genuinely eager to share the benefits of PressEX with you and help you on your path to improved well-being. Feel free to reach out with any questions or thoughts.

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