Janice's Hip and Foot Story

Janice's Hip and Foot Story

Problem: Navigating Foot and Hip Pain in Retirement Dreams

Meet Janice, an enthusiastic retiree with dreams of exploring the world on cruise ships, a vision hindered by persistent foot and hip pain. Her doctor traced the source to the Sacroiliac joint, exacerbated by contributing factors like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. The pain, nestled on one side of her back and into the top of her hip, led to occasional limping, limited walking distances, and restless yearnings for an active retirement. Janice, a dedicated gym-goer favoring Pilates and yoga, found solace in these classes for mobility and strength. However, the relief was fleeting, leaving her in more pain, especially in her hip and low back.


Previous Attempts: Seeking Relief in Vain

Janice sought help from various avenues, including chiropractic adjustments to address her misaligned hips. Unfortunately, months of this approach brought no relief, leading her to discontinue due to concerns related to osteoporosis. Even experimenting with different insoles, a total of nine types, provided only momentary solace. Janice's determination led her to PressEX, a method she approached with the backdrop of her extensive exercise experience.


Discovery: PressEX - Unveiling a New Approach

Embracing PressEX wasn't without its challenges for Janice. The learning curve to master the technique and understand the activations presented initial slight discomfort. However, the game-changer came with the Stability Bars. After just five minutes of using them, Janice experienced a shockingly instant transformation – she could walk without the on-and-off limp, and, most importantly, take steps without pain.


Challenge and Resolution: From Setback to Success

Despite the initial success, Janice faced a setback when the pain returned after a week. Determined, she reached out to Dr. Meena PT, the mind behind PressEX. Dr. Meena encouraged Janice to scrutinize her form, identifying common mistakes that could hinder results. It turned out Janice needed to adjust her starting position, foot placement, and the band. With the corrected form, the benefits of the Stability Bars for both her feet and hip pain became evident.


Transformation: Connecting the Body

Janice, who always understood the interconnectedness of her body, never anticipated the profound impact of PressEX in making those connections tangible. Now, she not only walks pain-free but is preparing to embark on a cruise to Thailand, turning her retirement dreams into a reality. The journey of pain and discovery led Janice to a place of newfound joy and mobility, courtesy of PressEX and the Stability Bars.


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And before I sign off, let me share a bit more about who I am.

With over a decade of experience as an orthopedic physical therapist, I've dedicated my career to understanding and addressing a spectrum of health issues, specializing in sports injuries, autoimmune diseases, and challenges associated with aging.

My journey has taken me from dissecting cadavers for an in-depth understanding of anatomy to assisting in labs, guiding the next generation of physical therapy students.

Beyond the clinics, I've contributed to the field as a patent holder, bringing innovations to life, and had the privilege of being a guest lecturer at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.

My commitment to advancing the understanding of the human body is deeply rooted in both personal and professional experiences, making me not just a practitioner but an authority in the realm of physical therapy.

I'm genuinely eager to share the benefits of PressEX with you and help you on your path to improved well-being. Feel free to reach out with any questions or thoughts.

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