How the Stability Bar Kit Works

How the Stability Bar Kit Works

The Pressure Exercise method, or PressEX, is a targeted approach to enhance stability and release fascia in your body. Here's how it works:

1. Locate the Pressure Point:

Body Spring helps you identify specific points on or around bony areas of your body. These serve as focal points to target and "pin down" the fascia.

2. Attach PressEX Stability Bar:

Use the PressEX stability bar to press against its stabile end to create a closed-chain moment in your body. This closed-chain moment establishes a stable foundation for the activation release.

3. Hold an Isometric Contraction:

Maintain sub-maximal isometric pressure consistently on the bar. This involves contracting your muscles without changing the length of the muscle, thereby creating a stable force.

4. Simaltously Perfom Isokinetic Movement:

Perform related resistance or range of motion movements while keeping the isometric pressure on the bar. This turns the movement into an isokinetic- like movement, where the pressure and the speed remains constant.

5. Use Closed Chain Exericse in a New Way (Defined):

In PressEX, the concept of a closed chain goes beyond traditional definitions. While traditionally it refers to a movement where the distal end of the limb is fixed, our innovative approach extends this closure to more areas. Closing the chain in multiple areas, not just the distal end, has been a groundbreaking discovery. This expanded closed-chain moment proves to be exponentially more beneficial, playing a crucial role in achieving targeted and effective results.

By following the simple steps and keeping the specified pressures in-check, you transform into your own therapist. PressEX provides the methodology, and the Stability Bars act as an additional pair of hands.

The interplay of the initial position and constant pressure during opposing movements facilitates self-mobilization of fascia through the use of the stability bar and your own muscles.

This method mimics the effects of a hands-on session. Woven within the system is in-depth knowledge of neuroanatomy and the receipes for deep connective tissue releasing .

The power is now in the user's hands, enabling them to improve their body without the need for frequent external sessions. This approach empowers individuals to take charge of their well-being, avoiding the reliance on external practioners and enhancing the speed of self-improvement.

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