PressEX Results

Sound Familiar?

-Gained weight because of an old injury?

  1. Had a sports injury that never fully got better?
  2. Your body feels different from one side to the other?
  3. Your body stops you from doing your passion?
  4. Are getting stronger but still feel misaligned?
  5. Want to work on your form in dance, tennis, golf, running or weight lifting?

"Referred Pain" 

It's the secret destruction of your Joints and Tendons

Have you been told your body's problem area may be caused by a different area of your body? Then rest assured, we will take care of you. KBars is a system to align and activate these referred pain pathways-

 Experience the feeling of connection with our pressure point PressEX system.

What EVERYONE is neglecting: Cutting-edge science + Tried and true principals of biomechanical science = PressEX Bars

 "No one else could connect the body quickly, efficiently, and as deeply as this system."


PressEX Bars are researched and patented to harass the power of YOU

Watch this video for an intro to the PressEX Bars, Method, and Client results!