About PressEX

PressEX = Pressure Exercise

PressEX Bars and PressEX Method combined for superior Biomechanical Connectivity Training

Our patented tools and method PressEX (Pressure Exercise) breaks up stiff connective tissue and activates the muscles underneath deep inside your body to

1.Align Joints
2. Stabilize joints
3. Stretch nervous system/ connective tissue
4. Activate hard-to-reach muscles


Our Method Includes:

  1. A different philosophy of movement than the one used just with exercising and stretching muscles
  2. New "form" introduced to turn on your nervous system and connective tissue
  3. A much deeper feeling of stretch and exercise is achieved to get faster, longer-lasting results- many people describe it as a new sensation never before experienced by them.
  4. Specific positions
  5. The re-modeling of your body in a whole-body approach unlike any other fitness system
  6. A 5-level system of advancing you through leashing your body to the max

Our Founder is Dr. Meena McCullough DPT - Development of PressEX was a 12 year plus journey to help her patients and herself where other physical therapy and fitness methods failed, watch a clip here: